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Master Gardeners participated in a Q & A Booth at the EPCOT Flower Show. Pictured right to left are Connie Bronson, Jim Moll, Monte Anderson, Henry Lamwers, Deb Swanson and Ralph Gelso.





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The Hernando County Master Gardener Nursery is located at 19490 Oliver St. in Brooksville. Residents can purchase Florida-Friendly plants on Wednesdays from 8:30am - 10:45 a.m.

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Interested in becoming a Hernando County Master Gardener? Call 754-4433 or email, to add your name to the prospective Master Gardener email contact list.

The horticulture agent recruits and manages a cadre of 65-70 volunteers who help support the various Extension educational programs. Major Master Gardener activities include:

  • Plant Clinics at the Extension Office and Lowes in Spring Hill
  • Weekly work sessions at various Extension demonstration garden sites
  • Monthly training meetings. Meetings are 3 hours in length and address topics related to environmental landscape management.
  • 4-H related educational opportunities
  • Opportunities to provide education to homeowners' associations, and other groups
  • Educational field trips and seminars


More information on the Master Gardener Program
This 12 week course prepares volunteers to help disseminate horticultural information to homeowners.

Volunteers are exposed to environmentally sound horticultural practices that will help to reduce the large inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides.

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