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WHERE'S Sylvia? The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program office (now called Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program) has been relocated to the Hernando County Utilities Department - 21030 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville. Contact Sylvia at phone number - 352-540-6230 for information on Florida-Friendly Landscaping.



Nancy Moores Awarded National 4-H Distinguished Service Award


Nancy Moores,  4-H Youth Development Agent, was honored Tuesday, August 17th, for receiving the National 4-H Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Stacy Strickland, County Extension Director, introduced Mrs. Nancy to the Board of County Commissioners. Dr. Stacy noted that it is rare for a Florida Extension Agent to be selected for this award. This is the first time an Extension Agent from Hernando County has been selected


Mrs. Moores' 4-H program is outstanding from a University perspective and very beneficial to the County.  In 4-H, we’re building citizens.  It’s not just animal projects, although that is a very important component of the 4-H program.  Nancy oversees 23 clubs and club leaders in Hernando County with projects ranging from sewing to shooting.  The scoring for this award was based on professional attitude, professional development, professional accomplishments (including size and depth of program), personal attitudes and community involvement.  Mrs. Moores' was recognized for outstanding team leadership building and the youth-adult partnerships that she has fostered.


Way to go, Mrs. Nancy!

Nancy receives the award from Dr. Millie Ferrer, Associate Dean for the UF/IFAS Florida Cooperative Extension Service

News From 4-H Camp Ocala - Week of August 2nd - 6th

‎4-H Camp has been awesome and everyone is having so much fun. Monday was funday with a great Cupcake Decorating contest (everyone got to eat the prizes) and we played an 80 person game of Scream-O with no problems. Our superhero auction produced lots of great items and the kids are singing tons of camp songs. Thanks... go to Delaney, Kayla, Nathan, Jose, Tia and Jackie for doing a great job with the campers.

Tuesday we had an exciting counselor hunt, trash wars and a touching flag retirement ceremony. We love Camp Ocala and 4-H. Songs include Wishy Washy Washer Women, Princess Pat, The Moose is Loose on Juice, and the traditional Coconut. Great job everyone - keep them busy, keep them happy and get them to sleep.

New Crop of Master Gardeners - July 2010
Congratulations to the 2010 Hernando County Master Gardener Trainees. These dedicated folks worked hard for 12 weeks, studying to become volunteer Florida Master Gardeners.  We are very proud of the following "newbie" Master Gardeners: Gwen Bassick, Donna Beairsto, Alexander Bon, Mary Bon, Connie Bronson, Leslie Derrenbacker, Ralph Gelso, Lynda McDaniel, Alex McPherson, Louise Piper, Bettie Seman, Mike Sexton, Kathleen Shields, and Robert Whitener. Welcome to the Extension Family!

Four Extension Staff Members Recognized for Years of Service - July 2010
Congratulations to  Nancy Moores, Jim Moll and Lilly Browning for 10 years of service to Hernando County Extension Services. Congratulations also to Flossie Raines for 15 years of service to the Hernando County Cannery. These four employees were recognized on July 13th by the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners. We are proud of their accomplishments, and grateful for their loyal service.

Moll and other Horticulture Agents Teach GI-BMP Class (June 2010)

The first Green Industry Best Management Practices Classes was held at the Hernando County Extension Office.  This is a new mandate in which extension has taken the educational role.

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Hosei University Visitors
In February, Hernando County Extension hosted visiting faculty from Hosei University in Japan.  Pictured L to R are Commissioner Jim Adkins, Dr. Satoshi Kagiwada, Commissioner Jeff Stabins, Dr. Isao Ueyama, and Commissioner John Druzbick.
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Dear Ueyama-san,


We have been following the news very closely in Japan and we hope that you and your family are well.  The Japanese people are very strong and have handled this disaster with great bravery.  Please know that the health of you and your country are foremost in our minds.


Best Regards,


J. Stacy Strickland, DPM

County Extension Director

University of Florida IFAS

Hernando County Extension Service


Dear Strickland-san,


Thank you very much for sending me a warm-hearted e-mail.


Fortunately all of my family and my relatives are fine, and did not suffer from any damage by this huge earthquake, which occurred once per thousand years.


However, we are learning day by day how has this natural tragedy an effect on our normal life. Due to shutdown of the Fukushima Atomic Power Station, the electricity at Kanto Plain Area has not supplied sufficiently, and the shortage of gasoline, staple food, fresh vegetables, flash light, and battery cell became obvious.


I have to say now that all Japanese are immensely grateful for the strong support activities of the US armed forces at stricken area.


Although it will take for a few years or a decade, I am believing that Japan should recover to a bright future.


Thank you again for giving me your kind concern, and please set your mind at ease as far as my family is concerned.


with best regards,

Isao Ueyama




Annie's Project a Success
Annie's Project was held in Hernando County in January-February of 2010.  Twelve women farmers from Hernando and Pasco Counties attended the risk management.  These risk management classes were organized by Stacy Strickland and Scott Taylor.  Pictured below is the graduation ceremony for the ladies with our guest Commissioner Rose Rocco.
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Pesticide Training
- April 12
The annual CEU day in Hernando County was well attended.  New technology allowed different sites in Florida to be connected via video conference system.
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Youth Camps Going Well - July 6
The youth camps are going well for 2010.  For more information please visit the calendar of events.  Pictured below is the fishing camp.

The Cannery Receives $55,124 Donation

The Little Rock Cannery in northern Hernando County receives a donation of $55,124.  This is the second year that an anonymous donor has continued this service.  Thanks to the donor.

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2010 Youth Field Day - May 2010
Held at the Subtropical Agriculture Research Station in Brooksville.
Organized by the Central Florida Livestock Agents Group and USDA ARS.
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